June 15, 2024

Letsgoph.com | When the sun goes down, the majestic city lights start to shine. Coffee turns into spirited drinks and slow music into electronic beats. You go dancing with your friends and have the time of your life. But the next morning, you barely remember anything from the night before and your blurry photos are not any help.

Let no amazing moment go undocumented! The vivo V27 Series, The Aura Portrait Master, features first-of-its-kind Aura Portrait Algorithm to produce photos with professional, studio-level quality. The latest addition to vivo’s V smartphone line and its newest release in the Philippines, the vivo V27 Series upgrades the industry-standard camera flash, sensors and portrait capabilities so you are assured of high-quality photos whether you’re shooting at night or in low-light locations.


Light up your aura with the Aura Light

Ever wonder why night photos do not come out vivid and clear even when you’re already using your flash? That is because ordinary camera flashes are designed to just light up a certain range around you. They are not specifically created for taking portraits.

vivo V27 Series’ Aura Light was designed to properly illuminate the subject’s face and create even lighting to keep the skin refined when taking photos in low-light environments. When it is toggled on, the camera automatically detects the ambient light and adjusts the Aura Light’s intensity based on the environment in order to produce night photos with clearer facial details without over- or underexposing the subject’s face.

Go and take as many photos with your friends or pose in your best aura underneath the spinning disco ball. No need to search for the spot with the best lighting. Just turn the Aura  Light on and your portraits will surely come out as sensational as you!

Make night shots vibrant with the Sony IMX766V sensor

They say the bigger the sensors, the higher the image quality. vivo made upgrades to its flagship standard sensors by making them ultra-large and ultra-clear.

The vivo V27 Series’ camera is powered by the new Sony IMX766V sensor that is now 59 percent bigger in effective sensor size and 104 percent bigger in single-pixel size. By enlarging the sensors, the camera has 145 percent more light intake, which effectively boosts image quality and vibrance and makes images appear brighter and vivid even when they are taken in low-light conditions.

The new sensors also include the industry-leading Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) technology, which can handle all kinds of light situations and gets rid of jitters. Say goodbye to blurry night images because with the new ultra-clear sensors, photos you take during your night out with the squad will come out with clear details and more authentic colors. Don’t hesitate to take photos even if you’re right in the middle of the dance floor as the vivo V27 Series’ also comes with the EIS+OIS Dual Ultra Stabilization that can take a photo or video of you and your friends busting those awesome moves in great detail.


Set the vibe with the vivo V27’s Advanced Portrait Mode

The vivo V27 Series’ portrait mode is now supported by vivo’s Exclusive Portrait Algorithms. This new portrait mode helps understand, beautify and enhance portraits.

To make sure that your subject has a natural and healthy appearance, the vivo V27 Series’ portrait mode decodes information about your subject and coordinates with up to 103 facial points. The portrait mode’s AI algorithm retouches your subject’s face but without making unrealistic over-enhancements.

The portrait mode also creates a balance between your subject and the background using the new Low-Light Portrait feature. When the Low-Light Portrait feature is turned on, the Aura Light automatically turns on as well. The Aura Light will light up the subject’s face while the Low-Light Portrait enhances the background by adding tones, thereby creating a warm and vivid vibe. The resulting image then is not only high quality with stunning details but also depicts the same exciting and vibrant moment during which it was taken.

The Aura Light, the Sony IMX766V and the advanced Portrait Mode all create the newest and first-of-its-kind Aura Portrait Algorithm. Don’t let your night out outfit go to waste. Capture every exciting moment of your night out and let your best aura shine with the vivo V27 Series, The Aura Portrait Master.

The vivo V27e retails for PHP16,999 while the vivo V27 5G lists at PHP24,999. Both variants are now available for purchase in all vivo official stores nationwide. They are also available for purchase on vivo’s official website and Shopee, Lazada  and TikTok pages.

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