May 21, 2024
children playing soccer | The pandemic caused physical disruption of classes and cancellation of sports activities. Most students found themselves with more time at home in front of laptops and mobile phones.  With the recent return of millions of students to face to face classes, MILO® Philippines partnered with different stakeholders to improve physical literacy of kids by introducing them to sports fundamentals.

Getting them to be more active has been a shared goal of the Back to School, Back to Sports program of MILO® Philippines in collaboration with local government offices, the Department of Education (DepEd), civil society organizations and sports teams. Kids were energized in various barangays as they engaged in different sports such as Basketball, Football, Karate, Running, led by MILO® Champions and local athletes in their respective regions.  In this weekend caravan, hundreds of kids were introduced to basic drills, moves and proper form, giving them an exciting first experience of sports.

“We are a nation of Champions, and through these development programs, we hope to get more kids into sports by making them experience fun being into sports with their peers.  It starts here, and hopefully we can discover, hone and support our next generation Champions from these barangays,” says Carlo Sampan, Head of MILO Sports.

“It is an honor to partner with MILO® Philippines in introducing sports to kids during this back to school season, because we believe that these initiatives also teach them values such as respect, discipline and teamwork,” adds Rocky Samson, Secretary General of Philippine Taekwondo Association.

children dribbling balls

Aside from doing sports demonstrations, MILO Champions were also present onsite and virtually to share their grit stories of how they persevered to succeed.  Karate Champion and star scholar Jamie Lim, award-winning Taekwondo Champion Japoy Lizardo, and running Champion Rio dela Cruz also shared their success stories, making the event more inspiring for moms and kids.

“Masaya ako at nakasama kami sa Back To School, Back To Sports Program ng MILO, kasi nag-enjoy ang anak ko sa mga sports, lalo na sa Taekwondo at soccer, gusto na nga daw niya laging maglaro ng sports kasama ng mga classmates niya,” says Ressian Del Mundo of Batangas, mom of nine-year-old Cris James.  

Moms were also given free nutrition training with topics on how to properly read nutritional labels, learning the daily nutritional needs of kids depending on their age and daily activities, and preparing nutritious breakfast to help their kids stay active and energized the entire day.

Join thousands of moms in building Champions in Life.  Join the MILO Champions’ Club by visiting the website or following the social media pages of MILO® Philippines.

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