July 18, 2024

Letsgoph.com | Step into the vibrant Pinoy street life through the tracks of  Ez Mil and Shanti Dope. Ez Mil’s Panalo (Trap Cariñosa) celebrates being Filipino, regardless of skin color or dialect. On the other hand, Shanti Dope’s Shantidope will let you dive into the vivid narrative of a Pinoy kid’s journey growing up in local neighborhoods.

To truly feel the essence of Manila, let the melodic tunes of Lola Amour’s Raining in Manila and Young Cocoa’s Manila transport you – whether you’re walking down the streets or just vibin’ on the sidewalks. You can also listen to the classics through the Best of Manila Sound playlist such as Hotdog’s Manila and APO Hiking Society’s Pumapatak Ang Ulan.

OPM nostalgia mania: Classics that represent what it is to be a Filipino

These are the tracks that evoke an overwhelming sense of Pinoy pride whenever one hears them. Bamboo’s Noypi and Orange and Lemons’ PINOY AKO are the anthems that resonate deep within, making you proudly proclaim “Pinoy ako!”. FrancisM, Filipino’s King of Rap, also crafted the vintage rap masterpiece Mga Kababayan, promoting Filipino bond and unity. For more nostalgic OPM hits to hype up your Pinoy pride, check out OPM Rock Hits.

Pinoycasting: Podcasts on  Filipino history

If you need more than tracks, it’s time you listen to some Pinoy podcasts that dive deep into Filipino history. Listen to The Howie Severino Podcast as he explores more about the different issues, history facts, and other Pinoy topics with several relevant personalities, such as his Malakas na malakas ang patriotism ng Pilipino” episode where he discusses the history of Independence Day and what “patriotism” truly means with Manuel L. Quezon III, the grandson of the country’s second president.

For a lighter take, join The KoolPals in their “#520: Kalayaan Magpatawa” episode as they share lighthearted anecdotes celebrating the essence of being a proud Pinoy and the phenomena that united all Filipinos around the world.

World-class fans: Pinoy ARMYs share their top 5 BTS songs

Filipinos are self-proclaimed “best fans” and they recently shined as some of the most devoted ARMYs worldwide – Spotify’s 2022 data revealed that the Philippines ranked 2nd in streaming BTS tracks.

As part of BTS’s 10th anniversary, Spotify launched an interactive app feature earlier this month that lets fans curate and rank their top 5 BTS songs. And Pinoy ARMYs have spoken – here are the top 5 BTS tracks that have emerged as the Philippines’ favorites (listed in order): Spring Day, Magic Shop, Life Goes On, Mikrokosmos, and Run BTS.

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