June 15, 2024
Ribbon Cutting ceremony

Gracing the ribbon cutting were (from left to right) UAP National Vice President Architect Jayson Ang, UAP National President Architect Richard Garcia, CEO and Founder of Magna Prime Chemical Technologies Inc. and Construction Chemical Specialist Mr. Derrick Tan, UNTV News Anchor and Face of Buildrite- Mr. William Thio, UAP National Treasurer Architect Richie Cucuero, and Pastor Loi Gatchalian.

Letsgoph.com | During the recently concluded PhilConstruct 2022, Buildrite Construction Chemicals officially launched their new ‘First in the Philippines’ products — Readycrete: Ready-Mix Concrete in a Bag and SmartBond Flex: The First Flexible Tile Adhesive. The launch was a historic moment for the company, marking the start of a tradition of launching new, innovative products at every annual PhilConstruct event.

Readycrete is the first and only ready-mix concrete in a bag in the Philippines, conveniently giving construction projects a consistent concrete mix they can trust. For tile installation, Buildrite introduced Smartbond Flex, the first ever flexible tile adhesive in the Philippines. SmartBond Flex tile adhesive acts as a shear stress dampener, which prevents the tile adhesive from cracking or losing adhesion.

Readycrete Concrete Mix in a Bag addresses the problem of access to high-strength ready-mix concrete. Builders with small to medium projects are forced to mix their own concrete on-site, which is the primary cause of concrete problems and poor concrete strength. With Readymix, it’s now possible to order ready-mix concrete in a bag regardless of the quantity needed or the location of the jobsite, providing a convenient solution for many construction projects.

SmartBond Flex is the first flexible tile adhesive in the Philippines. Tiles can pop out because of the movements of tiles and substrate during changes in temperature and structural movements. SmartBond Flex tile adhesive acts as a movement absorber or dampener, which then prevents the tile adhesive from cracking or losing adhesion.

Buildrite constantly seeks advancements in construction chemical technology. With the addition of Readycrete and SmartBond Flex to its products, the company will continue to develop more innovative solutions and educate people about cost-efficient, reliable, and sustainable construction chemical products and methodologies.

For more information on Buildrite Construction Chemicals, visit their website, www.magnaprime.com.ph, and follow their Facebook Page, @BuildritePhils.

To learn more about construction chemicals, you can follow their YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/c/BUILDRITECONSTRUCTIONCHEMICALS


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