April 25, 2024

This is a story here it happened when we were filming Ang Pagbabalik ng Lawin in Mariveles Bataan
One night :


As they walked hand in hand under the velvet cloak of the night sky, the Godfather paused, his eyes shimmering with the wisdom of ages past. “Look up, my dear godson,” he said, his voice a gentle melody in the stillness of the night. “Do you see the stars?”

The young godson gazed upwards, marveling at the vast expanse of twinkling lights that adorned the heavens like a celestial tapestry. “Yes, Godfather,” he replied, his voice filled with wonder. “I see them.”

“Then count them,” the Godfather whispered, his words carrying the weight of a thousand lifetimes. “Count each star, and when you have finished, come back to me and tell me how many there are.”

And so, the godson embarked on his sacred task, night after night, counting the stars as they danced across the heavens in a celestial ballet. But try as he might, he could never reach the end, for the stars seemed to multiply with each passing moment, like grains of sand slipping through his fingers.

Years turned into decades, and still, the godson looked to the sky, his heart filled with longing and his mind consumed by the unending quest to count the stars. And yet, despite his tireless efforts, he knew deep down that he would never reach the end of his task.

Then one fateful night, as he gazed up at the stars with tears in his eyes, the godson realized the true meaning behind his Godfather’s words. The stars were not meant to be counted, for their beauty lay not in their number, but in their eternal presence, shining brightly in the vast expanse of the cosmos.

And so, with a heart heavy with love and gratitude, the godson turned his gaze skyward one final time, whispering a silent prayer to his beloved Godfather. For though he may never know the exact number of stars that adorned the heavens, he knew that his Godfather’s love would always shine down upon him, like a beacon of light in the darkness of the night.

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