May 21, 2024

The iconic Glico running man, officially called the Goal-in mark by Glico, has steadfastly illuminated the bank of Dotonbori Canal in Osaka for close to nine decades. Behind this renowned signage lies Glico, a Japanese food manufacturing powerhouse that has dedicated more than a hundred years in contributing to people’s health through innovative and well-loved products. On April 18, 2024, Glico celebrated its 5thanniversary in the Philippines.

Glico, whose corporate purpose is “Healthier Days, Wellbeing for life”, prepared a thrilling night for its business partners and associates in the Philippines, showcasing its hallmarkinnovations that have transformed snacking in the country!Glico began in the Philippines in 2019 as it introduced some of Japan’s well-loved snacks – one of which is Pocky.

Driven by its goal to share happiness, Pocky has been a partner of Filipino moms in giving kids a healthy yet enjoyable snacking experience. Celebrity Mom, Camille Prats attests to this as she shared how Pocky has become a mainstay in their pantry. She has always struggled with her kids who are always looking for sweet and flavorful snacks; and Pocky made it easy for her to satisfy their sweet tooth while ensuring she gives them healthy treats.

Now, Pocky is high in fiber and crispier versus its previous formulation – thanks to Glico who has taken it upon themselves to add fiber into the pretzel of Pocky to offer more health benefits. They also used wholewheat in the pretzel to give it a lighter and crispier texture, while of course retaining the richflavorful chocolate coating to give their consumers a tastier and healthier version of the flagship snack that people have fallen in love with.

In line with its relentless commitment to embracing innovation, Glico will be introducing the NEW Pocky Premium Crushed Fruits line which is something to watch out for this coming May! It’s a multigrain biscuit stick that is coated in thick yogurt cream with real fruit chunks of imported fruits – truly a wholesome snack to enjoy real fruit happiness!

Besides its confectionery, Glico also brings to the Philippines the #1 Almond Milk in Japan – Almond Koka. It’s not only delicious, but has multiple benefits. It is made from 94% almond milk, high in vitamin E, a good source of fiber, and has zero cholesterol. Knowing how 9/10 Asians are lactose intolerant(Silanikove, 2015), Almond Koka serves as a relevant product in the Philippines as it is a lactose-free, dairy-free and soy-freemilk. Almond Koka is available in 3 delicious flavors: Unsweetened, Original and Chocolate.

With truly innovative products, it is not surprising that Glico is also engaged in exciting collaborations! It has partnered with LIT Manila, a Japanese whisky bar in BGC, to create unique Pocky and Almond Koka drinks that give adults a new way to enjoy their favorite snack.

Glico also proved that we can indulge in our favorite sweet treats without the guilt through its brand partnerships for Almond Koka. You can now enjoy handcrafted drinks by AuroChocolate in their cafes made with the goodness of Almond Koka.

This summer, Glico together with Tiger Sugar also brings you your favorite Brown Sugar boba milk drink with less guilt and the goodness of Almond Koka – available nationwide starting April 19, 2024.

Last but not the least, Glico and Gelato Manila heightened the excitement by launching a new plant-based gelato line made with Almond Koka on the evening of the anniversary event. There are a total of 3 different flavors that you can try at!

Glico has succeeded in enriching the lives of Filipinos in the last 5 years and they are just getting started. Watch out for morenews by following Glico Philippines on Instagram, TikTok and Facebook.



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