June 15, 2024
  • Spotify’s latest campaign unveils an all-new Pag-ibig Hub, music and podcasts playlists, and the ability to share personalized lyrics.
  • In collaboration with leading Pinoy creators, Spotify launches more than 50 special podcast episodes, discussing modern pag-ibig trends.
  • Spotify reveals that 80% of Filipinos recognize the importance of audio in experiencing love; almost four million love playlists created in the Philippines to date.

Letsgoph.com | Celebrating love in the Philippines, Spotify launches “Parinig Mo with Spotify”, unveiling an all-new Pag-ibig Hub, and a fresh slate of music and podcast playlists packed with Filipinos’ hugot tracks and podcasts. The world’s leading audio platform will also showcase more than 50 new podcast episodes in collaboration with popular Pinoy creators, such as Ang Walang Kwentang Podcast, skypodcast, Hugot Marcelo, Payaman Insider, Zack Tabudlo, and many more. These podcasts are exclusively available on Spotify Free and Premium from February 9.


In a study* conducted by Spotify, nearly 80% of Filipinos believe audio is important when it comes to consuming content on love, dating, and relationships. Of those surveyed, 53% use audio as “sound therapy” to cope through rough seasons in love, and 40% noted that podcasts help them discover diverse perspectives of love. With Spotify’s new Pag-ibig Hub, listeners can look forward to fresh takes on modern love, such as situationships and the art of parinig.


“From music and lyrics that move the heart, to podcasts that discuss relationship statuses and anything in between, expressing and embracing love in all forms is an intrinsic part of the Filipino identity.” said Carl Zuzarte, Spotify Head of Studios for Southeast Asia. “Spotify is constantly at work to create features, content, and moments, so that Filipinos have an audio-jowa, through every season of love.”


With Spotify Lyrics, one of the most requested in-app features, Spotify brings Valentine’s season to life in an interactive and shareable experience. Spotify also saw almost four million love playlists created to date. Almost 70% of Filipinos shared that lyrics help make sense of what they are feeling, with nearly a third of those surveyed sharing a song lyric or playlist online to express their feelings.


“Audio gives so much connection with how listeners can immerse themselves in a different world. And as a singer-songwriter, lyrics play an important role in every love song that I write,” said Zack Tabudlo, Spotify RADAR artist. “Features like Spotify Lyrics enable younger Pinoys to express emotions and even drop parinig. I look forward to more people discovering the stories behind my songs, including my latest release, AKIN KA.”

At the Spotify launch event held in Manila, Carl Zuarte, Spotify Head of Studios for Southeast Asia, discussed the central role of audio in love culture, from the popularity of Pinoy pop songs and podcasts spotlighting trends like “parinig” and “situationships”, together with leading local creators.


Co-Creators of Spotify Original Ang Walang Kwentang Podcast Antoinette Jadone and JP Habac shared insights into their content on the platform. “We are passionate about empowering our fans to express and rethink their take on modern love. We feel energized knowing that we have a platform to share content that Filipinos love,” Jadaone said. “Spotify’s podcast features such as video, Q&A, and polls have also enabled us to connect deeper with our fans, which is incredibly important when it comes to intimate topics,” Habac added.


Riyan Portuguez, a psychologist and Spotify creator of Kapwa Club podcast, weighed in on the psychology behind audio. She shared, “Studies have shown that when we listen to music, it affects our brain patterns through the release of dopamine. Whether you are listening to happy music or reflecting on your relationship status, I hope that audio empowers you to express yourself authentically.”


Spotify continues to see creativity flourish on the audio platform too. Inka Magnaye, Creator of Spotify Exclusive, Sleeping Pill with Inka, reads love poems, guided meditations, positive affirmations and literature to her fans, encouraging them to prioritize self-love and foster a safe space.


As the cherry on top, listeners will also have access to Spotify Premium for just ₱149 for four months. The promo is valid from 11 to 14 February for users who have not tried Premium.

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