July 18, 2024

Letsgoph.com | In a dazzling display of cultural diversity, the Cultural Center of the Philippines, alongside The Bayanihan Folk Arts Foundation and the Federation of International Dance Festivals, successfully hosted the 17th FIESTA FOLKLORIADA. The event, a celebration of global folk dances, featured the rich traditions of six nations: Austria, Indonesia, Korea, Poland, Spain, and the Philippines.

AUSTRIA, embodied by Trachtenverein Rossecker Bruck an der Mur, cast a spell on the audience, immersing them in the vibrant expressions of Austrian cultural heritage. Traditional attire and intricate dance moves transported spectators to the heart of Austrian traditions.

The dynamic dance forms of INDONESIA, presented by Al-fath Cirendeu & Sanggita Jenfana Budaya, took the audience on a captivating journey through the country’s cultural history. The artistry of traditional dances beautifully showcased Indonesia’s rich tapestry.

SOUTH KOREA, showcased by the Ryu Dance Company, mesmerized the audience with the grace and elegance of Korean folk dance. The performance blended tradition with a modern touch, highlighting the beauty of Korea’s cultural expressions.

POLAND, brought to life by Folk Group Zbójnicek, infused the stage with the spirit of Polish folklore. Energetic and synchronized movements captured the unique charm of Poland’s traditional dance forms, reflecting the country’s cultural identity.

The rhythmic world of Spanish folk dance came alive as Ballet “ARA DE MADRID” transported the audience to Spain’s passionate and vibrant cultural heritage. The performance was a celebration filled with flair and emotion.

Representing the Philippines, Bayanihan, The National Folk Dance Company, showcased the archipelago’s rich and diverse folk dances. Known for precision and authenticity, Bayanihan took the audience on a captivating journey through the Philippines’ cultural mosaic.

Held in collaboration with SM MALL OF ASIA, the event provided a grand stage for performers to share their cultural stories. The FIESTA FOLKLORIADA not only celebrated dance but also stood as a testament to the power of cultural exchange and understanding. The memories created during this unforgettable evening will resonate as a harmonious echo of rhythm, tradition, and the beauty of folk dances from around the world.

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