July 18, 2024

Opening possibilities with Manila Hearing Aid & Phonak’s Lumity Hearing Aid Technology

Manila Hearing Aid & Phonak Lumity Launch

The Philippines’ pioneer of hearing care, Manila Hearing Aid, and their long-term partnership with the globally- renowned hearing aid technology provider, Phonak, launched their newest platform to upgrade their Audeo hearing aid series which exemplify innovation in the field of hearing care.

Manila Hearing Aid spearheaded the launch with its General Manager, Dr. Liza Abaño-Robles, the first resident Filipino audiologist and an internationally board-certified audiologist by the American Board of Audiology as one of its representatives.

Phonak has always been an integral part of Manila Hearing Aid and shares their belief of providing quality hearing care for the Philippines, working together in launching an event for Phonak’s latest platform held in EDSA Shangri-La Hotel last February 22,2023 and was attended by top media representatives.

Phonak & Phonak’s Audeo Lumity

Phonak is a Switzerland-based, hearing aid manufacturer, priding itself on being the leading provider of hearing aid technology since 1947.

The latest in Phonak’s catalogue is the new Audeo Lumity, providing ease to the complexity of various listening situations, combined with SmartSpeechTM Technology which highlights improved speech understanding allowing hearing aid users to be fully adaptable to the range of conversations in one’s daily life; hence why it makes conversations shine.

The Phonak Lumity platform is available to both Audeo Lumity and Audeo Life Lumity hearing aids. Audeo Life Lumity is the world’s first waterproof hearing aids whilst Audeo Lumity is the second generation of the world’s first rechargeable hearing aids. The entire Lumity hearing aid series are all streamlined with the myPhonak application for health tracking, catering to full convenience. It is also universally compatible with Bluetooth devices for hands-free calls with loved ones.

What makes Lumity Special? (SmartSpeechTM Technology)

Phonak’s Smartspeech TechnologyTM is integrated into all Lumity hearing aids which aims to reduce the patient’s effort in listening and improve clarity of sound within challenging environments.

It comprises two new major features for speech understanding; Stereozoom 2.0 and SpeechSensor. StereoZoom 2.0 is trained to ease listening focus by amplifying the strength of focus to a source of sound as the noise level increases. SpeechSensor allows for automated detection of where the speech signal is coming from, increasing understanding by 15% and reducing listening effort by 11%.

AutoSense OSTM 5.0 controls SmartSpeechTM, balancing comfort with speech understanding as it accurately identifies a sound environment through artificial intelligence, optimizing the other features of Lumity.

Achieving a better understanding in listening has never been easier with the new Audeo Lumity series, and these innovations allow for meaningful conversations in day-to-day life for those hard of hearing.

The latest in hearing care technology is available now and distributed in all clinics of Manila Hearing Aid. To get further details about the Audeo Lumity hearing aids, head to their website.

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