May 21, 2024
School bus of Polytechnic University of the Philippines |The Polytechnic University of the Philippines’ (PUP) Education on Wheels (EOW) is a project that caters to the educational needs of out-of-school youth in various places. This project aims to give everyone more learning opportunities and ensure that more people get access to education, regardless of their background.

“The EOW has been part of the vision of our Sintang Paaralan, to make education accessible and of quality. It is ongoing and has benefited the youth in Smokey Mountain,” PUP President Manuel Muhi proudly shares.

The Education on Wheels also seeks to expand nationwide, seeking out underprivileged youth – truly living up to PUP’s reputation of giving people a chance at a quality education regardless of their stature.

“The goal is straightforward: to bring education to those who cannot afford it, right at their doorstep. This would not have been possible without the generous contributions of our donors, all of whom shared the same vision of educating the next generation,” Muhi explains.

The Education on Wheels has 65 students with a Bachelor of Science in Office Administration. Their courses are TESDA inclined, which guarantees them a job after two years of education.



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